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MOE Restoration Services portable restrooms addresses the need for upscaled facilities where traditional portable toilets fall short of customer needs. Our units are self contained to offer thousands of flushes on the basic unit. They can be pumped or connected to sewer taps for unlimited use. In view of increasing governmental restrictions and an ever growing concern for public hygiene the time has come for improved portable facilities. MOE Restoration Services portable rest rooms and showers are a logical and economical solution to the evolution and expansion of the portable sanitation industry. All of these modular units are constructed with user serviceable interchangeable parts.

Our key to long-term success is based on forming relationships. All of our technical staff is trained to ensure this relationship flourishes and are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to offer technical backup and support.

Typical Features Include: Lockable base cabinet
- Preformed countertop / Sink
- Self-closing sink faucet
- Soap dispenser
- Shatter proof mirror - Ceramic china pedal flush toilet
- Auto flush ceramic china urinal (Men's Restroom Module Only)
- Toilet paper holder
- Sanitary supply receptacle (Women's Restroom Module Only)
- Paper towel dispenser
- Waste basket
- Smooth, mar resistant laminated interior walls
- 1-piece, non-skid rubber floor
- 1-piece ceiling with built in air supply / air return
- Viper Wiper cleaning products

If you would like a Restoration Package of our services, scope of business, references and pricing, please contact us so we may customize a package based on your needs. Pre-planning for disaster relief is essential to restoring your community in a timely fashion.

We look forward to hearing from you.

MOE Technical Support
Email: techsupport@moerestorationservices.com
Phone: 1-941-313-1745

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