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Restoration Catering Services Mara Routh

MOE Restoration Services offers dependable, timely, laundry services for all situations.

Our goal is to always serve our family of customers effectively and efficiently. We operate a flexible operation which has been designed with the needs of our customers to give them peace of mind. Our main endeavor is to provide each and every customer with full support plus the finest quality and dedicated service in the industry. MOE Restoration Services will be there for you!

We will be happy to meet with you and assist your organization in preparing for the unexpected.

Typical Features Include:
- Top Load Washers (10)
- Front Load Dryers (10) - Coin operated optional
- Folding Counters (4)
- Chairs (4)
- Anti Slip Industrial Floor
- Steel Fire Proof Doors (2)
- Central Exhaust System
- Radius Windows
- Air Conditioning 30,000 BTU
- Units Can Be Coin Operation
- Kenmore or Maytag Equipment
- Viper Wiper cleaning products

If you would like a Restoration Package of our services, scope of business, references and pricing, please contact us so we may customize a package based on your needs. Pre-planning for disaster relief is essential to restoring your community in a timely fashion.

We look forward to hearing from you.

MOE Technical Support
Email: techsupport@moerestorationservices.com
Phone: 1-941-313-1745

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